Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Reading

”To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.”
~ Edmund Burke ~

In order to promote continued literacy development for all students, Gloucester High School is once again sponsoring a  summer reading program.  All incoming and returning students are required to participate. While the primary purpose of the program is to encourage students to continue working their reading muscles, its goal is also to help instill in our students a love of reading, which can only be fostered by providing students with the opportunity to choose books that speak to their individual interests and to have the opportunity to discuss these topics in September in small groups.

· Incoming 9-12th graders will sign up for a topical discussion group that sparks their intellectual interests(see attached list). Topics range from the causes of school violence to the validity of DNA testing. Students sign up in English class or by sending an email to with their topic selection.
· Over the summer, students will read the primary text associated with their topic. If you have already read that book or have difficulty obtaining it, choose a book from the other recommended texts on the selection list.  Students are also highly encouraged to read additional texts that relate to their assigned topic—newspaper articles, documentaries, short stories, fiction, and books from the other recommended texts list. 
· Books are available at one of the following locations: Sawyer Free Public Library, local bookstores, online, or one of the school libraries.  Tuesday evenings through the summer the young adult librarian at Sawyer Free Library will be available to help student find reading materials.
· Students will complete a Discussion Group Entry Ticket 
· In September, students will discuss their topic/book with a faculty members and a group of their peers.

Students will be evaluated based on the completion of their Discussion Group Entry Ticket and the quality of their participation during their meeting in September. Students who demonstrate proficiency on both of these tasks will earn a reward. Rewards might include free tickets to school-sponsored events, gift certificates to local restaurants and establishments, a pizza luncheon, etc.

Due Date:
Summer Reading Discussion Group Entry Tickets will be collected during the first week of school. Discussion groups will also take place during this time.

Have Questions? If you have any difficulty working on this assignment over the summer, please contact the school librarian at: I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions!